Important to remember before a smartphone is purchased

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Buying a smartphone in India is still considered a great deal because many of us spend a considerable proportion of our income on it. It is therefore important for us to get it right because there are no other opportunities usually.

Choosing a phone can be a tedious task with so many brands and models available throughout the price range. Here are a few tips which help you find your smartphone, prevent the pushy salespeople and navigate the comparison sites.


Do the task

Make the first research. Verify that a certain phone meets your budget and criteria, then compare prices online, read feedback from trustworthy sources and visit local stores if necessary for practical experiences. Don't get fooled by big sales or special promotions. It is not wise to buy a smartphone for the next four or five years that contains 1 GB RAM, 16 GB of storage and pray. So always make yourself future-proof by paying for specifications that last a few years.


You may want to focus on features

Don't hurry to purchase a new smartphone. When you buy a smartphone, there are dozens of things to consider. First, understand what features you most need in a smartphone because they can vary significantly between people. You need a phone to store music and video files in large quantities? You want to live on a smartphone for a long battery life? There are other people who can live with a regular selfie camera but want a powerful game play processor with a Snapdragon 845 processor and a top frontal camera. Be logical and don't get affected by gimmicky features and finally don't pay for things that you never will use.


The brightness of the screen is more important than the resolution

Whilst a Quad-HD (2K) resolution display can sound enticing on a smartphone, technically even a Full HD is much more than you probably need. Experts don't think that a regular human will see any difference between 2K and FHD. Buyers should therefore take a more serious look at the luminosity and color quality. Make sure that the text does not look blurry you are buying a luminous enough to see outside and sharp enough.


You will also want to consider the size of the display

We recommended a Smartphone with a good size for viewing movies, popular sizes between 5.8-6.4-inch, and a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 p. If you want to spend hours looking at it (Full HD). If a smartphone with a 720p (HD) screen would also be great if you are average user with smaller needs. Smartphone with OLED displays are better in contrast to deeper black than LCD displays with regard to screen technology. Many OLED sports smartphones but don't get cheap.


Also important is ergonomics

We saw compromises in comfort and portability with smartphones becoming bigger. Maybe the reason why many people don't like to use large smartphones is that they don't feel too bulky in their pocket. Make sure you always choose a smartphone that can be typed and swiped easily. Moreover, every part of the screen must be accessible by one hand. Never compromise on comfort and usability, so try phones in a physical shop before purchasing them. You can buy smartphone on discounted rates by using deals from websites like CouponsABC & Askmeoffers, on such portals you can get codes which can help you save some money.


Purchase 32GB minimum storage smartphones

Ignore it if you find a lot on a 16GB smartphone. Seek instead a smartphone with a minimum of 32GB and if possible 64GB of internal storage. While much depends on your use of games, photos, videos, and music are ideally stored on your phone. To expand your storage, it would be nice to have a microSD slot Android smartphone.


iOS or Android

Your smartphone is powered by your operating system (OS). Two main options are now available: Android and iOS. Android is more popular because it is open and can be individually adapted by any manufacturer; Android has more hardware options available as well.

Android is better for you if you already use Google's core apps and services, such as Gmail and Maps. Moreover, Google Assistant is the best virtual voice assistant today by far. The reason that Android is so popular is affordability. The downside is that these smartphones tend to become slow over time in budget and mid-range Android.

iOS is an iPhone mobile OS, which is much easier to use. In addition, iOS is safer and offers apps that are checked for quality before it is released. Those who use devices such as the iPad and Apple Watch in Apple's ecosystem are more inclined to purchase an iPhone. For these experienced customers, iPhones are a great choice, but iPhones usually have a great cost. Consider one with a large battery and a fast charging if you plan to purchase a smartphone.


Search always for large battery smartphones

We all want to have our smartphones last all day, but we know it isn't true already. The way you use a smartphone naturally affects battery life as well. YouTube streaming, for example, requires a lot more battery than simple browsing. That's what a bad network is like. Consider one with a large battery and fast charging if you plan to buy your smartphone. Players like OnePlus and Oppo are able to charge battery up to 50% in just minutes by providing smart phones with special chargers inside the box.


Be careful about opening the camera

Most users pay attention to the camera as a major smartphone feature. Exceptional cameras are available on more expensive devices like iPhone XS, Google Pixel 3 XL and Galaxy Note9. But the problem is when you select mid-range and budget smartphones that don't really have good cameras. Make sure you focus on features like open, dual lenses and optical image stabilization less on the megapixel counts and more. Test the smartphone camera in a nearby mobile store quickly if possible. This will give you a sense of the performance of your camera before you buy it.


Updates to the regular OS

If you're choosing a new iPhone, it certainly contains the latest iOS version, but Android isn't. Given that manufacturers have their own custom user interface over Android, the latest updates can take a while. Regular Android updates are guaranteed for a select few smartphones such as the Google Pixel Series. Even today, when Android 9.0 is the latest version, the producers are still launching Android 8.1 Oreo smartphones and that is even going to be replaced by Android Q soon. We only recommend buying Android 9.0 Pie smartphones out of the box. Review the brand's track record when it comes to updating the OS.


Do you have to buy a smartphone, new or used?

You have to evaluate this for yourself. The purchase of the smartphone used can be an intimidating experience as it can be stolen, misused, worn out or all of the above. Think about the smartphone twice before you pick it up.


A smartphone used may save you a few dollars, but may result in additional repair spending. Take a look at what you need and why your smartphone is used. It might make sense to go with a used smartphone as a secondary device. But perhaps you should not consider a used smartphone, that is too old in the first place, if you want to use it as a primary device. Logically, only when the device is in guarantee and the condition is satisfactory should you consider a used telephone.

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